• The recent trend of establishing a business online is on the rise. People create an online store using online store builder apps. These apps are user-friendly and easy to use, and this is why even small Face Book brands have been able to establish their stores. When you are selling products online, you have to keep in mind the primary focus of any seller should be to build a great rapport with the customers. Customers can make or break a brand. They are the biggest influencers, the freedom that social media has granted to them and the freedom to express has made it necessary for the brands to cater according to their promises rather than convincing the customer to make the purchase and then leaving them in a lurch.
  • FaceBook is the leading social media platform. Sellers, who get a small business idea try to first sell through their Face book pages. These pages allow them to reach out to a customer and convince them that they are the product that they have been looking for. There are numerous Face Book groups that have a lot of people selling through these groups. They promote their pages on these groups. Many famous brands have also started using their Face Book pages as an external shop that is accessible for their customers without the restriction of visiting hours. Instagram is another social platform that has become popular as a platform for marketers to promote and sell their products.
  • The third party platforms like the eBay, Amazon, Etsy and many others offer their web space to the sellers so that they can sell their products. They offer the space at minimum transactional fees and people who are serious sellers set up an account with them to avail the service. These third party platforms provide a secure space for the vendors as well as the buyers. There are many sellers who have accounts with nearly all these third party platforms, and they have gained immense recognition in their respective fields. You can promote your links to your store on these third party websites on blogs and other social platforms. This will make people aware of your products and increase your sales.
  • Being present on different platforms can increase your business and boost your customer base. Majority of these spaces only require you to make simple accounts with them, and for small transactional fees, you are ready to do business with secure transactions.

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