Shopify Credit Card Reader for Ecommerce Sellers

This article aims at new or small businesses regarding credit card readers and how Shopify’s POS app can benefit businesses to manage sales with ease.
A credit card reader or terminal is a device that can be used to accept payment by credit card, insert, swipe or manually enter card data. Typically, card readers are small devices connecting to the POS device on your Shopify. A separate standalone hardware is usually an external reader. Shopify is one of the highest-ranking e-commerce solutions, but with its credit card readers and payment app it goes beyond online stores.


Shopify POS is an application which allows businesses to sell their goods in shops, pop ups and on markets. Payments will all be processed and accepted on your Android phone, iPad or iPhone, making it easily accessible and flexible to use on the go. Shopify POS allows business owners to search for the product of a customer, accept payments and print or e-mail receipts at the tip of their fingers. All you need are available at multiple locations and via channels, payments and customer feedbacks are also attainable. Some considerable supporting features of Shopify’s POS app that provide better solutions for new seller are as follows:

• Enables payments to be more secure through credit cards, gift cards or vouchers. • Provides flexibility to sell wherever clients are with your branded online shop, online markets and social networks. • Available options for checkout sales and promotion codes support discounts. • Offer customers shipping options when checking out. • Provide hardware for easy plug and play design, improving sales and safety. • Ease to manage inventory keeping it accurate on every channel and retail site. • Support team is available 24/7 for assistance on the app.

Setting up card reader for e-commerce sellers

To begin App Store or Google Play Store have Shopify POS app available for download. Once this is achieved you are ready to add and sell products now. Shopify POS is synced automatically to their online store so that you can manage your entire company with Shopify. Shopify will update its stocks everywhere in real time by adding products or updating stocks. You can choose exactly which products, with Shopify POS or both to sell on-line. Shopify offers two possibilities for readers of credit cards, so you can accept payment wherever you are, provided that you have an internet connection. Compared to other options, the POS features are much more than basic. To begin Shopify now, visit our website and sign up for the free 14-day trial when your login for an Account, you will receive a free credit card reader as well. you only require a reliable device either an Android device, an iPhone, or an iPad, along with the POS shopping application and the product for sale. The POS app works with different retail hardware, such as a cashing drawer, an iPad stand, a receipt printer, or a barcode scanner.

Pricing considerations for Shopify users

Shopify's credit card readers are available at between € 29 and $89, but when you sign up for an account you can receive the entry level reader free of charge. You've got to sign up for e-commerce fees that vary with $9 to $299 a month, but you also got to sign up for an e-commerce account. Shopify POS app has a number of supported card readers such as follows: • The Swipe card readers • The Tap, Chip, and Swipe card reader • The Moneris iPP320 terminal • The Chip & Swipe Reader

The Swipe card reader plugs in the headphone jack on your Android phone, iPad and iPhone. You can swipe it and accept payments by credit cards. Their names are signed directly on your device. This reader can be downloaded in the USA and Canada. The card reader for Tap, Chip and Swipe connects to your iPhone or iPad via Wireless Internet. You can use this to accept credit card payments from swipe, tap, and chip and PIN. This card reader is available in the United States and United Kingdom.
The Moneris terminal reduces the chances of errors if you use an external card terminal. You should manually enter every transaction amount with a different external card terminal and then log the sale separately into Shopify POS. These aided card readers are embedded in the Shopify POS so that you can pay from Shopify POS, and then the transaction details are shown in the order schedule in Shopify. Your stores must be in the supported country and use a payment provider in order to use the supported card reader. Using Shopify Payments and the Shopify Card Reader you will pay very low credit card swipe rates.

Solution for international buyers and sellers

The supported hardware can be purchased from an outside retailer. However, you will need to accept credit cards without the Shopify card reader or shop for the payment. The Shopify POS app is available worldwide and works with any iOS 9 and subsequent device or Jellybean, and later Android. You can buy hardware from third parties if you are outside the United States, UK or Canada. Keep in mind that the model numbers must match the exact figures if you purchase hardware from this list.


The main advantage of selecting Shopify over other processors is that you have an ecommerce shop, a card reader and a payment processor. Your online and offline inventory and client profiles are synchronized so that you do not need to manage two different software pieces. This app offers more features than the competitors of Shopify, so different POS software may not be needed. You can process Magstripe and EMV chip credit cards by using the free credit card readers, which make it a safe solution and a better option to use than a free one from others. It works on iOS and Android devices and is therefore a versatile solution. The most advanced tap, chip, and swipe reader is $89, but you may purchase the refurbished one for $20 more. The advanced reader of credit cards only works with iOS devices. However, if you are in the U.S., UK or Canada, you can accept payment using the credit card reader of Shopify and Shopify Payments. When you are outside of United States or the United Kingdom or Canada, you can purchase or rent an external credit card terminal from the payment processor, for use with Shopify POS.



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