Why you need a blog to sell online

I am sure that you have heard severally that you need a blog to sell more online. But I am sure that you are thinking what most people think “what does blogging have to do with selling online?” however, on the contrary, blogging helps you sell online a lot faster than you think.

Blogging is a good way to generate more traffic and build your audience. Knowing this, it is very visible that blogging helps you to boost your sales. But the big question is how does blogging improve sales?

Since blogging generates more traffic to your sites, it would increase the number of people seeing your products which will in-turn boost your sales.

However, before you blogging can help you boost your sales, you need to post consistently.

So let’s discuss why you need a blog to sell online.

  1. Blogging helps you rank in search engines. I understand that when you are a beginner, and you just start an eCommerce website, you might think there is no need to blog because you feel that it is a waste of time since no one will read it. However, on the contrary, you should blog consistently so you can expand your audience.

Blogging also helps you to rank in search engines like Google and Bing. When you blog, it means that there are more pages for your site. And more page means there would be more internal links pointing to your site. Although internal links are very good, links from other sites are very much better. The more links you can generate for your site because of your articles, the more you will rank on search engine.

When you have a consistent blog, it will make you rank higher in search engines. When you rank higher in search engines, it exposes your products to potential customers.

  1. Blogs get you noticed. When you blog consistently and post content that adds value to customers, you will get noticed. Blogging gives you the chance to create content that would show the world what your products are all about. Having a blog (consistent blog) as makes you look like a professional to your customers. It also makes you stand out among all your other competitors. However, when you have a blog, you should post value-adding content consistently. When it comes to blogging, consistency is the key.

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